What does climate change mean to you? Written for The Climate Collective


A couple weeks ago The Climate Collective reached out to me to ask if I could write brief piece on what climate change means to me. The following was my response:

"Climate change. Two short words with incredible ecological impact. I sometimes lose myself in thinking about how I can solve all the problems that make up climate change - and the problem seems far beyond my power. When this happens, the trick is to take a second, pause, and ask: what can you do to aid in reducing climate change?

That was part of my inspiration for the Green Upward Market and Storage Bag. I realised I couldn't solve all the political, environmental, and material problems that go into climate change. But I do have skills as a designer that I could leverage to hack away at the bigger problem. I realised that if I designed something that people wanted and could reduce the need for extra plastic produce bags, I could help decrease the amount of plastic pollution that goes into our landfills and oceans.

So pause and ask yourself: what small part could you play that has a big impact? It might be informing your community about environmental policy, or being a voice for the earth in the political arena, or even just getting out there to show support to a worthy cause. Don't forget you are powerful-and you're fighting for our future."

To see more thoughts on what "climate change" means to different, eco-minded individuals, visit: https://www.facebook.com/theclimatechangecollective/