Featured Product: Avocado Green Mattress & the questions I asked as an eco-consumer.

A couple weeks ago Avocado Green Mattress reached out to me to see if I would be interested in representing their mattress on my blog. Like any good eco-consumer I wanted to know more about how the mattress fit into the environment. The following is the series of questions I asked them via email and their responses:

Do you have more information you can provide me with about your material choice and manufacturing process?

Avocado Mattress products are designed in Hoboken, NJ and handmade in California. The natural, certified and organic materials that we use within our green mattresses are clearly labeled on our products, according to California State Law and because we believe in honest business practices.  We put a lot of time and energy into the design and construction of our products. Each mattress is handmade in California, in a family-owned facility that pays fair wages and values its employees. Our materials are sourced from ethical, environmentally regulated sources.

Our mattresses feature 100% natural Dunlop latex rubber foam, made from sustainably harvested sources. It’s an eco-friendly, high-performance material, offering resilience, durability, and temperature control that far exceeds synthetic, blended or petroleum-based polyurethane foams.

We also use Joma® wool.  It's complex and natural physio-chemical structure are endless: it wicks away moisture, keeps your mattress smelling fresh, and acts as yet another all-natural fire barrier. It’s breathable — both warm and cool when you need it. Its natural crimp gives it bounce, body and soft support characteristics. And it’s also non-allergenic (ideal for those who suffer allergies to feather and down or synthetic bedding products) and a renewable resource. No additives or synthetics are added to the wool. It is simply scoured (washed) with a biodegradable detergent that meets stringent EU standards

We use a breathable GOTS-certified organic cotton / poly-blend 4-way stretch-knit (rather than a traditional weave) in a soft, natural color. Sourced from the United States, this durable textile is button-tufted by hand with wool yarn rosettes, which secure the cotton ticking and internal mattress layers firmly in place without the use of chemical adhesives.

Lastly, our mattresses feature one of the most advanced support coil systems available. There are between 690 (Twin) to 1,330 (Cal. King) pocketed coils — arranged in three distinct zones — that float independently to further improve airflow, support and spinal alignment. Made from heat-treated and stress-relieved 16-gauge wire, these recycled steel coils enable our mattress to deliver firm edge support for the life of the mattress and benefit those in critical need of back pain and pressure-point relief.

Thank you for all that information. Sounds like a very interesting mattress you got there! Do you guys have an end of life, or disposal process?

Thank you very much!  We have a 10 year warranty on our mattresses but they are built to last.  As for our disposal process, please see below.

- If the mattress is in good condition we will work with a local charity and donate based on state laws and regulation.  This goes for our mattress as well as the current mattress you may have.  Your old mattresses can be take away, if you choose white glove delivery.  

- When a charity isn't an option for the mattress. We will follow state regulations and dispose of them at a local recycling center.

You mention "We" help to recycle/ reuse the mattress. Does that mean even after your product has been sold and it's 5 years down the line, you would still help a customer dispose of the mattress?

If our customers return the product within our 100 day trial period, we will either find a local charity to donate the mattress to or recycle it according to state law via our shipper. While our current policy doesn't cover mattress removal after a customer chooses to keep the mattress after the trial period (ex. 5  years later), I'm sure we would be more than will to offer advice on what to do given their location.

Thanks for the information! I think my followers may be interested in a guide or advice like that. I encourage the Cradle to Cradle methodologies with my blog and it would be great to know product direction after use!

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