Introducing our Eco Market & Storage Bags 


About this project

Plastic bags are consistently one of the top 10 polluters of our oceans and waterways. Our bags help sustainably collect, carry, and store produce and bulk foods without needing a separate plastic produce bag. 

Simple goodness is sewn in at every step. We are only using organic eco fabrics, and are collaborating with a fair-trade factory that employs Americans with Disabilities. In addition to this, we are creating a solution to reduce ocean waste and give back part of our profits to help feed and support our community. We believe your bags should be great for you and the world.

Green Upward

We make good bags that do good.

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Watch the project video:

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Prototype library

See images of the design in use. This is a design prototype: appearance and function match the final product, but is made with different manufacturing methods.

About Arcadia Food

Arcadia works to create a more equitable, sustainable local food system. It grows food on a regenerative farm; trains military veterans to be farmers; uses the farm as a schoolroom to teach children about agriculture and healthy eating; and harvests the food for sale on Arcadia's mobile markets. The Mobile Markets dismantle barriers to access by selling wholesome, locally grown foods in neighborhoods that lack access at discounted rates.