Market & Storage Bags

The Market and Storage Bags are a set of fair trade bags that help a shopper sustainably collect, carry, and store produce and bulk foods without needing a separate plastic produce bag. The bags were manufactured in southern VA by a nonprofit that employs Americans with Disabilities. Green Upward believes their bags should be mission focused, and the bags’ goal is to support sustainability in our community. Part of the bags’ sale are donated to Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture, a non-profit that leads sustainable farming efforts in the Washington D.C area.

The designs’ journey begins and ends with good dirt. The bag fabric is 100% organic cotton: grown without harmful pesticides. The cotton is then woven into the highest quality fabric and dyed with low impact dyes. If the bag is no longer needed the materials are completely biodegradable. This means the bag can be cut-up and composted, and returned to the earth. The weight of the bag (tare) is listed on the inside of the bag and can be deducted at checkout. 

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1/2 Gallon Multi-Use Food Bag

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Gallon Multi-Use Food Bag

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2 Gallon Multi-Use Food Bag

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