Wildflower Collection - Limited Edition!

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This is a limited edition, seasonal collection - when it's sold out, it's gone. 

Included in a Collection:

1/2 Gallon: This bag holds 5 lbs. of rice or grains, or is perfect for small quantities of fruit or vegetables.

Flat Dimensions: 15 x 9 In. | Diameter: 6 In. | Tare Weight: 3.9 oz/ 110 grams / 0.24 lbs

Gallon: This bag is perfect for medium qualities of fruits and vegetables, or large quantities of grains and rice.

Flat Dimensions: 15 x 13 In. | Diameter: 9 In. | Tare Weight: 5.5 oz/ 155 grams / 0.34 lbs.

2 Gallon: This bag holds more than 5 Ibs of medium fruit, and can carry large qualities of fruits, veggies, and bulk goods. This bag is also perfect for large fruits and vegetables such as watermelon and squash. This size features an interior pocket for a notebook or cellphone.

Flat Dimensions: 15 x 16 In. | Diameter: 10.5 In. | Tare Weight: 8.9 oz/ 251 grams / 0.56 lbs