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So what's Green Upward?

We are a design company seeking to rethink our daily impact through honest goods dedicated to simple sustainable living. Sign up for promotions, new products and sales. Directly to your inbox! 

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See the inspiration and how the bags work:

"Hi, just wanted to say your bag is amazing. I received it in the mail yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by the fast delivery and how well made the product is. I love it even more that it is all compostable! I hate plastic bags and have been buying canvass bags for my grocery shopping, this is my favorite bag so far."

Kelly, New York

"Fantastic quality and design; I've stopped using plastic produce bags!"

"Coolest new item for your day at the farmer's market.These bags are beautiful, and I'm always excited to use them! Superb quality, and great for any use."

"I love my bag. It’s stylish, eco-friendly, and makes a positive impact!"

Love from our Kickstarter backers!

Notes from our Green Upward community!

Share with us how you're using your Green Upward purchases to reduce your waste by tagging us @greenupward on Instagram!

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"Thread serious" about better sustainable products

I created Green Upward to deliver simple, thoughtful, and all-sustainable products to the world. Learn about the journey here.  

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